The forests and fields along the north slope of Mount Fuji have been maintained by the members of 11 hamlets since the Edo Period (1603-1867). Grass, firewood, and timber were collected daily from the mountain-side according to rules and regulations of access and use set by the community members. During the Meiji Period (1868-1912), the Onshirin Regional Public Organization was established in order to honor and preserve these rules and regulations, which would then help to maintain a healthy and prosperous community in the future.

Until recently, activities in forests and grasslands on Mt. Fuji consisted of extracting forest products alongside afforestation efforts. With the ever changing societal and environmental conditions and needs, however, our relationship to the forests are changing and expanding to include health care and energy recycling activities.

The Onshirin Regional Public Organization is committed to continue working as stewards of our communal forests through engaging in afforestation efforts and environmental protection along with health care, social welfare and forest cultural activities so as to ensure that the Mt. Fuji forests continue to be enjoyed by our community for generations to come.

Fujiyoshida City and Two Other Villages Organization for the Protection of the Prefectural Estates Given by the Imperial Family

President: Kozo Sato